• Respiratory Exerciser

    Type Three Ball
    Synonyms Respiratory Exerciser, Breathing or Lung Exerciser
    Material PVC
    Uses/Application Achieve optimum lung capacity, Restoring disrupted breathing patterns
    Country of Origin Made in India


    The respiratory exerciser is a great device that will help you make your lungs stronger and breathe better. This 3-ball exerciser is divided into three chambers containing three small spheres or balls. These balls rise from the surface because of the air pressure to test the capacity of the lungs. You can reverse the device for exhalation and inhalation to complete the cycle of exercise and testing properly. The see-through mechanism works as a motivation to help you breathe better.Get Best Price of Respiratory Exerciser.
    An Incentive Spirometer or Respiratory Exerciser or Breathing Exerciser is a good option to make your lungs stronger. Designed with 3 chambers, this device will help you to proceed step by step in testing your breathing. This device can be used for randomly checking the breathing pattern and exercising your lungs post-infection at home.

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    Respiratory Exerciser

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